• Starlite Drive In-Hustler Squad-Wild Riders DVD
Hustler Squad: In the Philippines, there is a Japanese secret pleasure palace that is visited by world leaders. The Allied command knows just when the next group of world leaders will be enjoying their rest and relaxation and U.S. Major Stony Stonewall is charged with recruiting professional prostitutes, training them for Army combat, and infiltrating the Japanese stronghold. Wild Rider: After murdering a woman in Florida, 2 members of a motorcycle gang, Peter (Arell Blanton) and Stick (Alex Rocco) head to California to escape the law. The 2 end up at a secluded mansion occupied by 2 young women. They are alone whil the husbands of one of the women is away on tour.

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Starlite Drive In-Hustler Squad-Wild Riders DVD

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