• McFarlane Movie Maniacs Blair Witch Figure
This TREE WITCH looks, well, like a tree. The arms and legs are the same (except for the paint), but the basic body has been resculpted, so that it looks less like a corpse and more like the mossy, gnarled bark of some ancient timber. She's still got her tattered rags (in grey, this time), but this figure's head has two horn-like branches twisting up from her head. Where the DREAD WITCH has brown skin and black nails, the Tree Witch has green with grey; one witch's festering wounds are the other's knotted bark. The Blair Witch stands 7" tall, and has 10 points of articulation. She comes with a scythe, a stickman, and a bundle of twigs with bloody bits inside. Figure is brand new in box.

McFarlane Movie Maniacs Blair Witch Figure

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