Deep from within the dimension of eternal torments comes the High Priest of Hell himself: Pinhead. Mezco brings the leader of the Cenobites into our realm with an exquisite 12inch figure and the cries of the damned rage loudly with anticipation. Pinhead’s detailed portrait sculpture captures each grid scar and nail of his infamous visage. Looking into the eyes of the figure, one can almost feel his insatiable craving for souls. Great care has been paid to each detail of Pinhead’s attire. His vestments perfectly capture the look from the legendary film. The flayed portions of Pinhead’s flesh bear witness to his suffering with a realistic wet-look finish. His sacred instruments, a trio of blades, dangle from his holy robes. The figure comes complete with two sets of hands: one set to hold the included Lament Configuration for summoning the Cenobites, and a second set to wield his instruments of transformation. Pinhead features seven points of articulation and is packaged in a specially die-cut collector friendly window box that highlights his grotesque beauty. Are you prepared for the rapturous torments that await?

Hellraiser III Hell on Earth 12 Inch Pinhead Figure

  • License: Hellraiser
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight: 25oz
  • Condition: new
  • $44.60 USD

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