• Arrival Bluray
Zane, an astronomer, discovers intelligent alien life. But the aliens are keeping a deadly secret, and will do anything to stop Zane from learning it. The Bluray is formatted for North American or PAL players only; NTSC Blurays will work in PAL TV systems only if the player specifically equipped to do so.

Not sure if your Bluray player can play this Bluray?
A general rule of thumb is NTSC format is specifically suited for North American players; PAL for Europe and parts of Asia.
Almost all PAL players can play NTSC, whereas NTSC players must be specifically equipped to play PAL.
Most PAL TVs can play NTSC as well (check your manual to be sure). Some exceptions to the rule -- many players sold nowadays are capable of playing both formats.
You can consult the owner's manual or website for the manufacturer and search by your player model to confirm specifications.

Arrival Bluray

  • License: Sci-Fi
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